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United Women in Faith

UMW President: Mary Alice Ponce

Our Women's Ministry seeks to evangelize, encourage and equip women in their personal walk with Jesus Christ through Christian fellowship, learning and service.

The El Buen Pastor United Methodist Women meet every Monday at 6:00pm for Business, give reports of all that we do each activity that takes place during the month. The following Mondays are used for Bible Studies, Devotionals, and Readings from our Program Books, Arts and Crafts or Special Speakers on issues beneficial to our women’s Christian Education.


Our total program as United Methodist Women’s Division is Missions.  Through individual undesignated giving, we provide a base of support for mission.  The undesignated channels of giving are:

  1. Pledge to Mission to our local unit
  2. Special Mission Recognition (pins)
  3. Gift to Mission (card)
  4. Gift in Memory (cards)
  5. World Thank Offering (bank)


We also give to specific programs or project as designated giving:

  1. A call to prayers and self-denial and which takes place in January.  This annual offering is used for projects and programs relating to the specific year’s theme.  Every fourth year, the offering funds pensions and health care for retired missionaries and deaconesses for whom the Women’s Division has responsibility.
  2. Supplementary Giving, where the entire offering goes to designated programs or projects.

The undesignated giving of the United Methodist Women is one of the largest single sources of funds for the total General Board of Global Ministries budget.  We the United Methodist Women give to the needs of women, children and youth.

We attend prayer retreats, annual conference, district, and sub-district meetings whenever possible.  We serve as ushers during our Sunday worships, as well.

  1. The women’s unit has sponsored fundraisers to provide funds for the trips to the Annual District and Conference meetings making it possible for twelve (12) ladies to attend the Annual Conference every year. 

This year we have had the privilege of welcoming several ladies to our local unit.  They are already seeing the work that the United Methodist Women have been doing around the World through Missions.  Several of our women are holding positions in our Local, Sub-District, District and Conference level.


The United Methodist Women of Edinburg have also been busy working on so many projects.

  • By helping the children “Mission Possible Kids” w/  donations
  • School Supplies for neighboring schools and Monetary Donations
  • Clothing for school neighboring schools
  • Quilts for needy people
  • Fundraiser to send as many women to Christian School of Missions and our Annual Meeting in October and District Meeting too.
  • Provide lunch for the month of March to the Campus Ministry Youth
  • Meals to the Youth coming back from heir camp in Sacramento,N.W.
  • Mother-Daughter Banquet (about 75 in attendance)
  • Kerrville – Mission u – July  2013
  • Annual Conference – Meeting Corpus Christi – District Meeting  -  Kelsey Memorial
  • Recognition of Pins to those who do all they can to help the unit succeed in their efforts to do Missions.
  • Assisted in the Culto Unido